Say Goodbye to Propane: The Future of Grilling is Electric with Current Model G

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W. C. Bradley Co.’s new brand Current Backyard has introduced the Current Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill and Current Model G Electric Griddle, aiming to provide an advanced outdoor electric grilling experience that is accessible to consumers of all cooking skill levels. These appliances have been acknowledged at CES 2024 for their ability to deliver high-quality performance and have been designed for convenience and precision control, with energy-efficient features when compared to conventional gas grills.

The Current Model G Electric Grill is designed to work with a standard 110V outlet, eliminating the need for propane tanks or charcoal. It is capable of reaching temperatures up to 700 degrees, which is stated to be 150 degrees higher than the temperatures achieved by leading gas grill brands. This grill is equipped with a patented cooking system to ensure even temperatures, reduce flare-ups, and provide dual-zone cooking capabilities, allowing for independent temperature control in different cooking zones. It also maintains the ability to sear at high temperatures in cold conditions or with the lid open.

In addition to physical design, the grill features integration with the Current Backyard app, which enables users to monitor and regulate the temperature, access chef-curated recipes, instructions, and benefit from functionalities such as SmartClean mode. The device heats up quickly, being ready to cook within approximately 10 minutes.

Similarly, the Current Model G Electric Griddle can reach up to 600 degrees and outperforms other electric griddles in terms of size, heat, and heating speed. The griddle, which is also connected to the app, offers a connected cooking experience with features like Auto-Seasoning setting and an even temperature distribution across the cooking surface due to its patented system.

Both the grill and griddle are furnished with meat probes and flavor trays that allow the addition of water, wood chips, or pellets for creating steam, smoke, or additional flavors. These products are environmentally conscious, producing zero emissions at the point of use. The grill is claimed to be six times more energy-efficient than traditional gas grills, and the griddle is four times more energy-efficient compared to traditional gas griddles.

For more detailed information about the Current Model G Electric Grill and Griddle, check out Current Backyard’s website here.

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