SwitchBot Announces Update for Matter Support

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SwitchBot, a smart home retrofitting and automation company, has announced an upgrade in their support for Matter, a standard protocol for smart home connectivity. Following the release of SwitchBot Hub 2, the company has expanded Matter compatibility to almost all of its products, with the exclusion of security cameras. This includes SwitchBot’s entire line of robotic vacuums, such as the SwitchBot K10+ and S10, which can now integrate with Matter through the SwitchBot Hub 2.

The integration with Matter allows for a more seamless connection with various smart home ecosystems, enabling users to add SwitchBot products to platforms like Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Home Assistant. While the SwitchBot app is still required to activate the full functions of certain products, the extended Matter support streamlines the process of managing smart home devices.

In addition to SwitchBot devices, other infrared-controlled appliances, like air conditioners and televisions, can also be linked to Matter via SwitchBot Hub 2. This connectivity is contingent upon the appliances’ infrared codes being compatible with SwitchBot’s system. Users can then control their devices through the SwitchBot app or other mainstream smart home apps.

SwitchBot emphasizes the importance of an efficient and convenient smart home experience, viewing the integration with Matter as a significant step towards achieving this goal. The company also hints at the development of new products that will enhance smart home integration further.

The Matter support upgrade is slated to be available from April 8th, requiring users to update their SwitchBot app to the latest version and to download any necessary firmware upgrades. For more information, visit SwitchBot’s website here.

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