SimpliSafe Announcing Pilot of Live Guard Outdoor Protection: AI Meets Home Security Monitoring

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SimpliSafe, a provider of smart home security systems, has announced the provision of early access to a select group of customers for its new live guard outdoor protection service. The service is an innovation in home security, employing a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) with expert monitoring professionals to create a proactive security solution designed to prevent crime before it occurs. This service extends the company’s existing 24/7 live guard protection to the exterior of homes, which makes SimpliSafe the first company to offer such monitoring both inside and outside the home.

With the statistics indicating nearly 2 million people in the US falling victim to burglary and trespassing annually, SimpliSafe’s live guard outdoor monitoring seeks to intervene promptly by monitoring the perimeter of customers’ homes and taking action when potential intruders are detected. This could include dispatching the police if necessary, thus adding an extra layer of security.

Christian Cerda, the CEO of SimpliSafe, highlighted that the home security industry has traditionally been reactive, responding only after a break-in has begun. SimpliSafe aims to shift this paradigm by providing more proactive security measures. The live outdoor monitoring service uses AI to identify individuals approaching the home and allows monitoring agents to intervene using live video, two-way audio, and sirens if an unrecognized individual is detected.

SimpliSafe is committed to user privacy, offering customers control over which cameras are monitored and when. The service also includes features that allow customers to manage profiles of recognized individuals to avoid unnecessary alerts. All videos, both live and recorded, are encrypted for security and are not accessible to monitoring agents once an event has been resolved.

The full launch of live guard outdoor protection is scheduled for later this year. It forms part of SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect Technology, which focuses on providing rapid detection, deterrence, and crime prevention. SimpliSafe’s Early Access Programs are initiatives that allow certain customers to test new innovations and contribute feedback prior to general public availability.

To gain more insights into SimpliSafe’s Early Access Program and the new live outdoor monitoring service, please visit the SimpliSafe’s website at

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