Amazon Adds AI-Powered Searching to Fire TV’s

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Fire TV has introduced a new search feature designed to assist users in finding content more efficiently. According to Nielsen’s 2023 State of Play report, the average streaming customer spends over 10 minutes searching for options each time they use their streaming services. Fire TV’s new search functionality utilizes Alexa and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide personalized TV show and movie recommendations through natural language queries.

This AI-enhanced search combines Fire TV’s extensive entertainment content and app library, allowing users to ask Alexa for recommendations in a conversational manner. Users can request content based on various criteria such as topic, genre, plot, characters, actors, and even specific quotes. Examples of search queries include: “Alexa, show me movies about dog and human friendships,” “Show me psychological thrillers with surprise endings,” and “What movie has the line, ‘You’re killing me Smalls?’”

The new search experience is powered by an Amazon-built large language model (LLM), which aims to provide contextual and personalized recommendations. These suggestions will include content from Prime Video and other streaming subscription libraries, indicating which ones are available at no additional cost to the user.

The new Fire TV search experience is currently being rolled out to customers in the U.S. in English on select Fire TV devices running FOS6 and later. It is expected to be available on all eligible Fire TV devices in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

For more information, see Amazon’s site here.

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