Discover What Feels Like Magic: OpenAI’s Exclusive Reveal

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OpenAI has scheduled an announcement call for today, to discuss their latest project.

There’s been a lot of hype recently about GPT-5 being released, and folks wondering if the GPT 2 that had been spotted in the while was really a GPT-5 model. It’s since been revealed that GPT 2 was not secretly GPT-5, so that version of the Chat GPT model is still pending.

Another much hyped feature that folks are looking forward to is artificial general intelligence, or AGI. This would give Chat GPT human like intelligence with the ability to learn. This is a goal that many companies in the AI arena are working towards, so we wouldn’t be surprised to hear announcements around this.

Sam Altman, the company’s CEO, has indicated that the new development is not a search engine. He has expressed his personal enthusiasm for the project, describing it as something that “feels like magic”. Additionally, Greg Brockman, the President and Co-founder of OpenAI, has stated that the new offering is neither GPT-5 nor a search engine, yet he believes it will be well-received by the public.

The announcement call is set for 10 am Pacific Standard Time. You can access the call through YouTube or Zoom platforms to learn more about what OpenAI has been working on. For further information, check out OpenAI’s site here.

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