Roborock Announces new Devices at IFA 2023

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Roborock, perhaps most well known for their robotic vacuum cleaners, announced new devices today at IFA 2023. They make ultra-intelligent home robotics to simplify life, at a fair price point.

Today, Roborock announced two new robotic vacuums as well as a new device completely – a washer / dryer combo.

New Devices – Roborock Q5 Pro and Q8 Max Robot Vacuums

Roborock announced the Q5 Pro and Q8 Max vacuums today, joining their mid-range robot vacuum offerings. The Q5 Pro is a great entry-level robot vacuum, while the Q8 Max has the company’s advanced features like obstacle avoidance technology. Both vacuums have the company’s DuoRoller Brush system to avoid hair tangling in the rollers ( because who likes to clean that, ew? ). These rollers can also remove 20% more hair from carpets. The machines come with 5,500Pa of suction power to help remove even more dust and dirt from floors. Both machines have onboard LiDAR to help the robots better map their surroundings. The app allows you to set No-Go zones as well as request a fast cleaning ( great for when unexpected visitors are dropping by ). Both models are also capable of mopping, and with a quick swap of a bin can become simultaneous vaccum and mop machines.

New Device – Roborock Zeo One

The Roborock Zeo One is Roborock’s initial offering in the washing machine category. This machine is quite a bit more than a washing machine though, as it is capable of both washing and drying your clothes with just the one machine. This is life changing. No more waiting for the washing machine to be done to dry your clothes, and no more forgetting your clothes in the washer until they smell. The Roborock Zeo One does everything for you, other than folding your clothes and putting them away. Unlike most dryers these days, the Roborock Zeo One can also detect what types of fabrics are in your wash to dry them appropriately. This can help protect your delicates and other clothes that can be damaged by too much heat in the drying process. The Roborock app even allows you to customize your wash settings, letting you tailor how dry you want your clothes to be, or to schedule a wash for off-peak hours.

For more information about Roborock’s devices, check out their webpage here.

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