Does the Echo Dot work with Roku?

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Are you wondering if your Echo Dot can play nice with your Roku device, creating a seamless and voice-activated entertainment experience in your living room? In today’s post, we’re diving into the world of smart devices to find out if the Echo Dot works with Roku. Keep reading to find out!

Does the Echo Dot Work with Roku?

Yes, the Echo dot does work with Roku devices. Once setup, you can use your Echo Dot to start a channel on a Roku, play, pause, fast forward and rewind. You can also use the Echo Dot to search for shows on the Roku, by asking it to find things or show things. For a full list of commands, check out Roku’s site here.

How to setup the Echo Dot with Roku devices?

Setting up your Echo Dot for voice control of the Roku is a breeze. First things first, make sure your Echo Dot is plugged in and connected to your Wi-Fi network. Once that’s set up, launch the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll need to head into the devices tab at the bottom and hit the + mark to add a new device. Next up, search for Roku to add it into Alexa’s domain. After enabling the Roku skill in your Alexa app, you’ll be prompted to discover devices. Hit yes, and your Echo Dot will start searching for your Roku device. Once it finds your Roku, confirm the selection, and you’re all set. Now, you can command your Roku to pause, play, or start up a channel with your voice.


What voice commands can I use with Echo Dot to control my Roku?

Voice command that you can use include:

  • pause
  • play
  • fast forward
  • rewind
  • launch ( a channel name )
  • go home
  • find ( media type or genre )
  • show ( media type or genre )

For a full list of commands, check out the Roku website here.

Do I need any additional equipment to connect my Echo Dot to Roku?

No, you don’t need any additional equipment to connect your Echo Dot to Roku, as long as you have a compatible Roku device and an active internet connection.

Can I use the Echo Dot to search for content on Roku?

Absolutely, you can use your Echo Dot to search for content on your Roku device! You can tell your Echo Dot to search for your favorite shows, movies, or actors across the Roku platform. Just say something like, “Alexa, find comedies on Roku,” and watch as your TV displays all the options available. Voice searching means you can say goodbye to the hassle of typing with a remote control. Just sit back, relax, and let Alexa do the work for you.

What are the limitations of using Echo Dot with Roku?

While the Echo Dot can work with Roku, but there are some limitations. For starters, you can’t use the Echo Dot to turn on your Roku device, as Roku does not support the on/off functionality via Alexa. Additionally, while you can use voice commands to control playback on your Roku device—such as play, pause, resume, and fast-forward—searching for specific content can sometimes be a hit-or-miss experience. You also cannot use the Echo Dot to navigate Roku’s menus or make selections within apps. It’s important to note that you need to have the Roku skill enabled in your Alexa app and your Roku account linked for these features to work, so make sure everything is set up correctly for a smoother experience.

In Summary

The Echo Dot can indeed work with Roku to take your streaming experience to the next level. By pairing these two, you unlock a world of voice-controlled convenience that can make your movie nights or binge-watching sessions even more enjoyable. Whether you’re turning on your favorite show, pausing for a popcorn refill, or searching for the latest hit series, integrating your Echo Dot with Roku is a game-changer. So go ahead, give it a try, and dive into the future of home entertainment where all it takes is a simple voice command to get the show on the road.

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