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Eve Systems announced some great new features at IFA 2023 today. Eve sells various smart home components and systems, from smart blinds and smart plugs to smart water valves.

Update for Eve MotionBlinds

We recently talked about Matter and why it matters. Eve announced today that they will be releasing an update for their smart blinds. The MotionBlinds roller blind motors and MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit will be getting an update via Matter that enables a new Adaptive Shading feature. Adaptive shading is great as it allows the blinds to automatically open and close depending on the location, time, and time of year. This allows homeowners with these smart blinds to save money, automatically!

New Device – the Eve Thermo Control

Eve also announced a new device they will be releasing into the market, the Eve Thermo Control. This device is intended to pair with the Eve Thermo to help better control and monitor your radiator. The Eve Thermo Control is a smaller device that lets you detect the temperature of a room wherever you place it. This means that you can place this in a cold spot to help better balance the temperature in the room, since you won’t be reliant on the temperature right next to the radiator anymore. It also has an e-ink display for showing the target temperature and the heating status of the thermostat. It also has two buttons on the front to help you adjust the desired temperature.

New Device – the Eve Play

Another new device that Eve announced is the Eve Play. This device is intended to connect to existing legacy sound systems, enabling them to support AirPlay 2. This brings new life to old amplifiers, speakers, and soundbars. It has 2.5 / 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity or can be connected via Ethernet port for maximum throughput and stability. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of 112 dB, making it great for audiophiles. Since it supports AirPlay 2, the Eve Play also allows you to turn your classic stereo system into a multi-room system when paired with other AirPlay 2 devices. The Eve Play also integrates with Apple Home, allowing you to automate playing music.

For more information about Eve Systems and their products, check out their website here.

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