Roborock announces new Alexa triggers for Roborock vacuums

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Roborock, a leader in home robotics, has announced a collaboration with Amazon to enhance the functionality of their devices when connected to Alexa. With the introduction of new Alexa developer solutions, Roborock customers can now enjoy a more personalized and automated cleaning experience.

One of the exciting features is the integration of domain-specific triggers into Alexa Routines, a popular automation feature available through the Alexa mobile app. This means that Roborock devices can now trigger various maintenance reminders, device errors, and cleaning state updates. For example, customers can receive notifications when the filter needs to be replaced or when there is an abnormal water level in the maintenance dock. These triggers can be easily accessed and configured in the Alexa Mobile app, allowing users to create customized routines according to their specific needs.

Richard Chang, the Founder & CEO of Roborock, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Adding more triggers designed specifically for Roborock devices will allow customers to enjoy more customization to the Routines they create. With new triggers such as maintenance reminders and a change in the robot’s cleaning status being implemented, users can take more timely action without constantly monitoring their devices. This enables Roborock customers to come up with more creative ways to automate their cleaning than ever before.”

In addition to custom triggers, Roborock customers in the US will also benefit from the upcoming implementation of Action Controller support. This new interface will enable users to issue commands to their Roborock devices using natural conversational language. With Action Controller, customers can activate tasks with ease, making the interaction with their Roborock devices more intuitive and user-friendly.

Richard Chang also expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Action Controller support, stating, “Customers will soon be able to interact and control their Roborock using more conversational commands, such as “my kitchen floor is dirty” will send a Roborock to clean what’s spilled onto the kitchen floor. We are thrilled to first bring this perk to our robot vacuum customers in the upcoming months, making our product seamless and easy to use, and further integrating our products into our customer’s smart home.”

Overall, the collaboration between Roborock and Amazon brings exciting new features and capabilities to Roborock devices when connected to Alexa. Customers can now enjoy personalized triggers for automation and more natural interaction with their Roborock devices, making the smart home cleaning experience even more convenient and efficient.

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