Reolink Announces Official Home Assistant Support

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Home Assistant users have expressed interest in integrating Reolink battery-powered cameras into their systems. In response, a new integration will soon allow battery-powered cameras to work with Home Assistant via the Home Hub. The Home Hub will function as a bridge between the cameras and Home Assistant, aiming to preserve battery life while maintaining all features of the cameras.

A firmware update for the Home Hub is available for download at This update will enable the new functionality. Home Assistant will release a code update in early July to support this feature fully.

The battery-powered camera models confirmed to be compatible with the Reolink Home Hub include Argus Eco Ultra, Argus Track, and Reolink Doorbell Battery. Additional compatible models can be found at

Users are advised that viewing the camera stream in Home Assistant will consume battery life, as it keeps the camera awake. It is recommended to avoid placing the camera stream on constantly viewed dashboards. Proper operation can be verified by checking if the “Sleep Status” indicates “Sleeping” when the camera is not in active use.

For more information, visit the Reolink’s website here.

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