IKEA Announces Three new Smart Sensors

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IKEA has recently launched three new smart sensors that aim to provide customers with more security, control and comfort in their homes. The VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING sensors are designed to keep users connected to their homes, even when they are away.

With these affordable smart sensors, IKEA is expanding its range of IKEA Home smart products, allowing customers to manage and monitor their homes remotely. The sensors provide monitoring and real-time notifications, ensuring users stay informed and connected to their homes.

The PARASOLL door and window sensor is discreetly mounted on windows and doors. It sends notifications to users when these are opened or closed, alerting people to any unexpected entries. This sensor gives users peace of mind by keeping them aware of when their doors and windows are opened.

The VALLHORN Wireless Motion Sensor can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It activates lights upon detecting movement and offers personalized lighting with adjustable color and intensity settings. This sensor not only enhances security by illuminating areas of movement but also creates a welcoming ambiance for users. Sensors like this make perfect motion detecting night lights.

The BADRING Water Leakage Sensor is designed to be placed where there are risks of water leaks. It notifies users upon detecting leaks, either by sending mobile notifications or activating its built-in alarm. By immediately alerting users to water-related incidents, this sensor helps minimize the impact of potential water damage.

All three sensors can be connected to the DIRIGERA hub, which allows them to trigger other smart devices, send notifications to users’ mobile devices, and adjust lights according to user preferences. This can all be managed through the IKEA Home app, even when users are outside their homes.

David Granath, the Range Manager at IKEA of Sweden, explains that these new sensors are part of IKEA’s commitment to making smarter living simpler and more convenient for everyone. By merging technology with their home furnishing expertise, IKEA offers affordable solutions that enhance everyday moments at home.

All three smart sensors are based on the Zigbee software and can be updated over time to offer more features and options through the IKEA Home smart system. This ensures that users will continue to benefit from the latest advancements in smart home technology.

For more information, check out IKEA’s website here.

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