Hydrific Announces Droplet for Moitoring Water Use

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Hydrific, a subsidiary of LIXIL, has announced the release of Droplet, a new water usage sensor that aims to facilitate water conservation by providing real-time data on water consumption. Droplet is designed to assist homeowners, renters, and property managers in efficiently managing water use, ultimately leading to reduced utility bills and the prevention of water damage.

Droplet is marketed as an affordable, non-invasive monitoring device that collects water usage data with high precision, at a frequency of 50 readings per second. The device comes with a user-friendly application offering dashboards and AI-powered analytics, making data interpretation and subsequent action simpler for users. Droplet’s patent-pending algorithms are capable of identifying unusual water usage patterns, thereby alerting users to potential leaks or inefficiencies.

The release of Droplet follows the establishment of Hydrific in December 2023 and addresses the growing concern over rising water costs in the United States, which are reported to be increasing at a rate three times faster than inflation. Additionally, with 17% of Americans struggling to afford basic water services and 40% reportedly lacking knowledge on water conservation practices, Droplet serves as an educational and practical tool to promote sustainable water usage.

Julia Deister, the Leader of Hydrific, emphasizes that Droplet is a step toward making sustainable homes a current reality and highlights the importance of protecting water as a vital resource for future generations. Echoing this sentiment, Scott L. Rodman, a homeowner featured in The Build Show and President of the South Ashmere Water Association, commended Droplet for its ease of installation and its contribution to addressing water leaks and raising awareness about daily water consumption.

For those interested in obtaining Droplet or seeking more information, visit Hydrafic’s website here.

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