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Hubitat has announced the release of platform update 2.3.7, which introduces support for Matter devices. This update allows users of Hubitat Elevation to connect and manage Matter devices alongside their existing smart home devices. Matter is a new smart home standard that focuses on local control and aims to enhance interoperability among different devices.

The integration of Matter into the Hubitat platform signifies a step forward in compatibility, not just with current devices but also with an anticipated array of future Matter-supported devices. Hubitat Elevation’s capability to integrate with Zigbee, Z-Wave, and other devices is now expanded to include Matter devices, allowing various devices to interact within automations that can range from simple to complex.

Stefan Dyulgerov, VP of Marketing at Hubitat, expressed that the release of Matter support opens up additional possibilities for device compatibility and automation for their users. He emphasized Hubitat’s commitment to interoperable local device control and expressed anticipation for the development of Matter.

The platform update 2.3.7 is currently accessible to all owners of Hubitat hubs. However, it is important to note that Matter support is only available on the Hubitat Elevation hub model C-8.

Hubitat, Inc. was established in 2016 with the aim to provide reliable, fast, and private home automation solutions. The Hubitat Elevation home automation hub, now in its fourth generation, offers built-in apps, customizable dashboards, a mobile app, and benefits from an active online community.

For more information, please visit Hubitat’s website here.

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