Roborock Unveils Multiple Robo Cleaners at CES 2024

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Roborock, a company specializing in home robotics, has recently announced the launch of six new cleaning products at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. The lineup includes the S8 MaxV Ultra, S8 Max Ultra, Q Revo MaxV, Q Revo Pro, Flexi Pro, and Flexi Lite. Each of these models is designed to meet the specific demands identified through market research conducted by Roborock in partnership with IDC.

According to Richard Chang, the Founder & CEO of Roborock, the industry is shifting towards products that not only perform cleaning tasks effectively but are also user-friendly, smart, and capable of integrating with smart home systems. The new models feature enhanced connectivity options and incorporate robotic arm mechanics for improved cleaning, which the company claims are unique in the market.

The S8 Max Series, comprising the S8 MaxV Ultra and S8 Max Ultra, represents Roborock’s most sophisticated cleaning technology. These devices include a robotic arm designed to reach corners and edges efficiently. The RockDock® Ultra system maintains the robot cleaner by using hot water and heated air for intelligent mop re-washing and re-mopping. The S8 Max Series boasts features such as:

– FlexiArm Design Side Brush with a robotic arm and Extra Edge Spinning Mop System for complete corner coverage.
– RockDock Ultra, which manages waste, refills, and dispenses detergent, washes the mop with 60°C hot water, and uses heated air to prevent odor and mildew.
– VibraRise 3.0 Mopping System with dual vibration modules, mop module lifting, and high-speed sonic mopping.
– Suction power of 10,000Pa on the S8 MaxV Ultra and 8,000Pa on the S8 Max Ultra.
– Additional features on the S8 MaxV Ultra include a built-in voice assistant, video calling, Matter protocol support, and advanced obstacle recognition and avoidance technology.

Both models of the S8 Max Series have a dock variant that can connect to home drainage systems for automatic refilling and emptying, reducing manual maintenance.

The Q Revo Series, which includes the Q Revo MaxV and Q Revo Pro, offers a more affordable cleaning solution with robust features. This series is equipped with an extendable dual spinning mop system that achieves 98.8% edge coverage. The Q Revo Series includes:

– FlexiArm Design Edge Mopping System with a robotic arm mop for cleaning along edges.
– Suction power of 7,000Pa and a mop system that can lift 10mm to avoid wetting carpets.
– Multifunctional Dock 2.0 for self-maintenance, including hot water mop washing, warm air drying, and automatic dust emptying.

The Q Revo MaxV also comes with a voice assistant, obstacle recognition, video calling, and automated brush lifting.

Attendees of CES 2024 will have the first opportunity to see these new cleaning solutions in action. For more information on Roborock’s new product lineup, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the Roborock’s website here.

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