First Complete Smart Home as a Service Company Debuts at CES 2024

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OliverIQ has officially launched its Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) platform during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2024. The platform introduces a subscription-based model for smart home automation, incorporating unlimited support and a user-friendly application for controlling and automating popular smart home devices. The company has established partnerships with national and global service providers to facilitate rapid scaling and offer extensive product support, unlimited online and phone support, in-home assistance, and security system monitoring.

The SHaaS platform by OliverIQ is designed to simplify the interoperability of smart home devices for consumers, integrating various connected devices through OliverIQ software, which can be embedded in common household devices or the dedicated OliverIQ hub. This integration is managed through a single application, supported by continuous technical assistance.

Will West, CEO and cofounder of OliverIQ, emphasizes that no company has previously succeeded in integrating and supporting the full range of smart home devices. OliverIQ’s platform is intended to address this gap, providing comprehensive home automation support.

The current smart home landscape presents consumers with the options of either hiring a professional integrator, installing a limited-functionality home security system, or undertaking a complex DIY project. The latter, however, proves to be the largest and most problematic sector due to the overwhelming number of devices and required maintenance, leading to what is referred to as “smart home decay.”

OliverIQ’s SHaaS solution aims to offer an affordable, comprehensive support system for smart homes, ensuring that the functionality does not degrade over time. This includes ongoing technical service and support for building, programming, and maintaining the home automation.

CTO and cofounder of OliverIQ, Eric Smith, states that the platform is designed to bring the fully automated home experience to a wider audience at an affordable rate, complete with technical support. OliverIQ’s service model addresses the complexities and maintenance issues commonly associated with smart homes, providing seamless management of setup, automation, software updates, and troubleshooting through their app.

The technical support team assists remotely and can perform remote device takeovers when needed. If issues cannot be resolved remotely, in-person service is provided at a low cost, with the initial visit fee being applied towards any necessary repairs.

OliverIQ operates on a subscription model paid through the service provider and can communicate with home devices using a multiprotocol platform embedded in the provider’s router or via a standalone multi-protocol hub.

The company identifies the lack of expertise in integration and support scale as reasons why such a service has not been offered before. OliverIQ’s app can communicate with a vast majority of off-the-shelf smart devices, and through service provider partnerships, it intends to support homes nationwide.

For more information, please visit the OliverIQ website here.

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