Lumen Announces First Wi-Fi 7 Certified Devices

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During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, the Wi-Fi Alliance has acknowledged that Lumen Technologies has acquired Wi-Fi 7 certifications for two of its wireless devices. These certifications indicate that Lumen is the first in the industry to have a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 device, designed specifically for Quantum Fiber residential and small business customers.

The certified devices by Lumen are aimed at providing faster internet speeds and improved coverage compared to the preceding Wi-Fi 6/6E technology. Lumen’s president of Mass Markets, Maxine Moreau, emphasized the company’s dedication to advancing Wi-Fi technology and providing superior Wi-Fi solutions to customers.

The two Wi-Fi 7 certified devices from Lumen are the W1700K, which can be mounted on a desk or wall, covering 90% of homes with a higher data capacity than Wi-Fi 6/6E, and the W1701K, a wall plug-in device designed to extend Wi-Fi 7 coverage and reduce dead zones in larger areas. These devices incorporate MediaTek’s Smart Link-Dispatch technology for enhanced performance and are classified as FCC 6GHz Standard Power (6SD) equipment, enabling higher data throughput or increased range.

Additionally, the devices support cloud-based Digital Twin technology and employ the OpenWRT standard with Wi-Fi EasyMesh and prplMesh, providing advanced orchestration and device management capabilities. Lumen’s Quantum Fiber service, which is available in 16 states, offers Wi-Fi 7 to new customers.

The Wi-Fi 7 devices developed by Lumen present several benefits, including superior coverage with a single device, multi-user capability with multiple radios for high-speed data transmission, and significantly lower latency than Wi-Fi 6/6E. They also integrate seamlessly with Quantum Fiber’s multi-gig network, supporting symmetrical speeds up to 8 Gbps. The devices are designed to cater to high-performance applications such as 8K video streaming, cloud gaming, and virtual reality.

To conclude, Lumen has integrated advanced technologies into their Quantum Fiber Wi-Fi 7 solutions, offering customers enhanced performance and coverage. For more information, please visit the Lumen’s website here.

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