Check out this Aqara Smart Ceiling Light T1M Video

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Yesterday, Aqara announced their newest smart home device. The Aqara Ceiling Light T1M. This smart light is ment to be permanently mounted in your home. It can be used for a wide array of things, from basic lighting, to changing color for notifications, and more.

It has both a main light, and a side light that displays around the light fixture. The main light has multiple tunable white colors – from a daylight to softer white and more. The side light around the edge of the fixture can display a wide range of RGB colors. It even has moving light effects for the side light where the light or colors can circle the light fixture.

It uses the Zigbee protocol for communicating with other smart home devices, so it stays off of your Wi-Fi network. We really like devices that use local only networks like this, it helps to maintain your privacy since the traffic from these devices doesn’t feed to some third party cloud service.

Aqara also released an install and use video. This shows how to get the light up and running as well as some of the light features that are available with it. Check out the video below!

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