Amazon Launches New Model of Echo Spot Just in Time for Prime Day

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Amazon has introduced the Echo Spot, an Alexa-enabled smart alarm clock. The Echo Spot features a compact display that shows the time, weather, and song titles. It is designed for use on a nightstand and includes a customizable display with a variety of clock faces and colors. The device is available in Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue.

The Echo Spot retains the semi-spherical shape of the original device and offers improved visuals and audio quality. The display can be customized with six different color options: orange, violet, magenta, lime, teal, and blue. Users can mix and match these colors with various clock faces.

The Echo Spot allows users to set alarms using Alexa voice commands and features four new custom alarm sounds. The device includes a 1.73-inch front-firing directional speaker for enhanced audio. Music played through the Echo Spot is accompanied by colorful visual animations on the display.

In addition to music and alarms, the Echo Spot can provide weather updates with visual illustrations and connect to compatible smart home products. The device supports Alexa Routines for automated daily tasks such as turning on lights, playing news, and controlling smart appliances.

The Echo Spot also supports communication features such as calling, making household announcements, and interacting with other Alexa-enabled devices. The device includes privacy controls, such as a mic off button and options to view and delete voice recordings.

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