Your Smart Camera Videos Might Have Been Leaked: Update on Wyze Security Incident

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On Friday 2/16 we reported that Wyze experienced a service outage due to an issue with AWS, their partner, which caused Wyze devices to be inoperable for several hours. Users attempting to use live camera feeds or access event videos during the outage were unable to do so.

In the process of restoring camera functionality, a security breach occurred. Wyze officials originally estimated this breach to impact maybe 14 users. We now didn’t believe that at the time ( there were 14 users on Reddit alone complaining of seeing other’s images ).

We know know this resulted in approximately 13,000 Wyze users receiving incorrect thumbnail images, and 1,504 users clicked on them. Of those clicks, some led to viewing event videos from cameras not associated with their accounts. That’s right, someone who didn’t own those cameras was viewing the video feeds from them.

Wyze has taken steps to prevent a recurrence, however this isn’t the first time something like this has happened at Wyze. About 5 months ago they had a very similar incident, and promised similar things.

This is why we recommend local only smart cameras that don’t have access to the internet. And just in case, don’t go putting your cameras in sensitive areas like offices, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

For more information about the Wyze leak, check out their post on Reddit here.

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