XGIMI to Introduce IMAX Enhanced Certified Smart Projector at CES

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XGIMI, a brand recognized for producing projectors and laser TVs, has announced the introduction of new technologies at CES 2024, which include ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) and Dual Light 2.0. The company has also revealed partnerships with IMAX & DTS for IMAX Enhanced certification, Google, and MediaTek. These advancements will be showcased in XGIMI’s new 2024 projectors, including the IMAX Enhanced certified HORIZON Max.

The HORIZON Max is set to be the first Long Throw smart projector with IMAX Enhanced certification, designed to offer IMAX’s visual and sound quality, through DTS:X, in a home setting. Apollo Zhong, the CEO and founder of XGIMI, suggests that the HORIZON Max aims to bring a cinematic experience into the home that was previously only available with high-end projectors.

ISA 5.0 is XGIMI’s new automated technology that facilitates the projector’s ability to find the optimal projection positioning on a wall and remember settings for specific walls. This feature allows for easy transitioning between different uses, such as gaming and movie watching, with the projector adapting its settings accordingly.

Dual Light 2.0, another technology introduced by XGIMI, incorporates a dual-light source with a Triple laser for an extended color range and a phosphor light to improve visual imperfections. This technology aims to provide a cinematic viewing experience with features like an ultra-wide color gamut, high brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

In addition to the HORIZON Max, XGIMI will present Aladdin at CES, a 3-in-1 smart projector lamp and speaker, which has been recognized as a 2024 CES Innovation Award honoree. Aladdin integrates a smart ceiling lamp, a projector, and connected speakers to optimize living space. It is designed to address issues associated with traditional projectors, such as bulkiness and screen blockage, by projecting from the ceiling.

For more information on XGIMI’s technologies and products, please visit their website here.

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