U-tec to Launch Smart Wifi Bulb with Mesh Networking

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U-tec is set to launch a new smart lighting bulb named Bright A19 1100LM at CES 2024. This bulb is distinguished as the world’s first smart bulb that offers Wi-Fi mesh capability. The Bright A19 1100LM is designed to offer users Wi-Fi mesh connectivity allowing for seamless control over the lighting system in their home.

The bulb features a high lumen output of 1100 lumens, providing users with vivid illumination. It also boasts the ability to display a spectrum of 16 million colors, giving users the flexibility to create and customize scenes that align with their activities or desired ambiance. These settings are controllable via a mobile app, designed for user convenience.

Energy efficiency and longevity are among the advantages of the Bright LED bulb. The built-in Wi-Fi Mesh technology enables the connection of multiple Bright smart bulbs throughout a household while maintaining connection stability. This technology circumvents the typical range limitations associated with a single router by creating a network with a broader connection range, facilitating the group control of multiple bulbs.

The Wi-Fi Mesh system also addresses the issue of network congestion. With the implementation of mesh nodes, Bright bulbs minimize bandwidth consumption and do not significantly slow down Wi-Fi. Only the root bulb connects to the router and is counted as a single device on the network, ensuring that all connected bulbs respond consistently and efficiently.

The Bright A19 1100LM smart bulb stands out with its 1,100-lumen brightness, surpassing the standard 800 lumens offered by most smart bulbs. This makes it brighter than a standard 60-watt light bulb. Additionally, the scene-based group control feature supports health and wellness by allowing users to simulate natural lighting patterns, such as sunrise and sunset, which can aid in better sleep and wake cycles.

The smart bulb is versatile and can be used for notifications through the IFTTT service. It can change colors to indicate different environmental cues or notifications, such as turning blue when it rains or red when receiving an important email.

For more information on the Bright A19 1100LM smart bulb and its features, check out U-tec’s website here.

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