SelectBlinds Announces SelectConnect Bridge for Automating Blinds

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SelectBlinds, an online retailer of custom window coverings, has released its inaugural smart bridge named the SelectConnect Bridge. This has been developed in association with Olibra/Bond. The SelectConnect Bridge was introduced to the market earlier this year. This device, combined with its dedicated application, facilitates the management of up to 30 SelectBlinds shades and blinds within a home that spans 2,500 square feet. For homes exceeding this size, customers have the option to combine multiple bridges and manage them as a singular unit, either on-site or from a remote location.

The SelectConnect Bridge allows users to connect and operate their motorized window coverings from SelectBlinds via an application or voice assistants. The main goal of this product, as emphasized by SelectBlinds CEO Satya Sivunigunta, is to offer users an accessible means to integrate smart home functionalities for their window coverings without imposing a significant financial burden.

The SelectConnect Bridge has been designed to work seamlessly with various platforms and devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. In addition, its companion application, the Bond Home app, is available for both iPhone and Android users. This app not only facilitates basic operations but also enables programming, scheduling, and integration with several voice-activated platforms.

This collaboration was facilitated by the New Jersey-based tech firm, Olibra, which provided a custom version of its Bond Bridge RF-to-WiFi control solution specifically for this venture. Olibra/Bond’s CEO, Zohar Shinar, expressed that the partnership with SelectBlinds was a logical step, given the alignment between SelectBlinds’ Direct-To-Consumer approach and Olibra/Bond’s focus on ease of installation and use. He also conveyed optimism about the continued success of this joint venture.

In line with its commitment to enhancing the customer experience, SelectBlinds emphasizes that the SelectConnect Bridge offers both control and convenience. Moreover, customers who choose to purchase the SelectConnect Bridge will have round-the-clock access to Bond’s Home customer service. Interested parties can explore and purchase the SelectConnect Bridge on the official SelectBlinds website.

For more information about SelectBlinds and their new SelectConnect bridge, check out their website here.

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