Research Shows 40% of Smart Home Control Hub Users Pick this One

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New research from Parks Associates indicates that Amazon Echo/Alexa and Ring have expanded their lead as the most used platforms for smart home controls. According to the Smart Home Dashboard, the frequency of use among households employing a control platform or assistant for Ring or Amazon Echo/Alexa platforms has risen to 40% in 2021, up from 33% in 2020.

Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, VP Marketing at Parks Associates, states that control platforms significantly impact consumers’ device preferences. She notes that major platform players that offer branded hardware are trying to create an ‘ecosystem effect’ to foster brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. She also observes that the growth of Amazon’s Ring and Google’s Nest has amplified their influence on the smart home and security industry.

The research emphasizes the importance of a smart home hub platform as a central element in the user experience. A unified hub for smart home devices streamlines communication and control, simplifying interactions and improving device interoperability. This centralization facilitates customization and ease of management for users, allowing them to create automated routines that enhance convenience and efficiency.

For more detailed information, check out the report here.

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