Reolink Announces New Home Hub NVR

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Reolink has introduced the Reolink Home Hub, a network video recorder (NVR) designed for use with battery-powered devices. This product allows users to store footage and manage battery devices locally, and it is compatible with both PoE and Wi-Fi NVR options.

You might be wondering what NVR is and why you would want a NVR. A NVR is basically a video recorder for security camera video footage. They can take input from multiple cameras, and will record all of that information. Having a local NVR is a great solution for folks worried about security or vendor cloud services being available long term.

The Reolink Home Hub supports connection to up to eight devices. It works with Reolink Wi-Fi battery devices and Reolink Wi-Fi/PoE devices, making it a suitable choice for those seeking an integrated management center for their Reolink battery security system.

Key features include full HD live view and playback capabilities, allowing users to access live feeds and playbacks of high-definition main streams from multiple devices. The device also offers up to 512GB*2 of secured local storage. User privacy is protected by built-in AES-128 bit algorithms and exclusive encryption methods.

For additional information, check out Reolink’s announcement here.

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