Rachio Smart Yard Products now Available at Walmart

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Rachio, a company known for pioneering smart-yard technology, has announced that its products are now being sold at Walmart. The 4-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Hose Timer from Rachio can be found in select Walmart stores and a broader range of Rachio products can be accessed online through Walmart.com.

The company, which has been operating for over a decade, specializes in sustainable smart home and garden care. Rachio’s technology aims to conserve water by adjusting watering schedules according to various factors such as local weather, seasonality, and specific vegetation needs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that inefficient irrigation methods and systems can lead to a loss of up to 50% of outdoor water use through wind, evaporation, and runoff.

Rachio introduced the first Smart Sprinkler Controller as a solution to this issue. Since its inception, Rachio has enabled users to save over 175 billion gallons of water and has set a target to save 3 trillion gallons by 2030. Kim Sentovich, the CEO of Rachio, expressed that the partnership with Walmart is a significant step towards achieving their mission of promoting sustainable yard care nationwide.

The smart yard products by Rachio, which include the aforementioned controllers and timers, are designed to manage outdoor water usage effectively. They personalize watering based on hyper-local weather data and the unique requirements of each yard. Rachio’s proprietary Weather Intelligence technology ensures that the sprinklers are adjusted automatically in response to the weather and seasonal changes, thereby avoiding unnecessary watering when it rains.

Customers can manage their Rachio irrigation systems remotely through a free app, which is compatible with smart home platforms such as Google Home and Alexa, creating a connected ecosystem without any monthly fees. The EPA WaterSense label has been awarded to all Rachio controllers, recognizing their efficiency in saving water.

Rachio believes that with the new retail partnership with Walmart, they can further their conservation goals and assist customers in connecting with the outdoors in a more considerate manner. For additional information on Rachio’s offerings, check out Rachio’s website here.

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