On Sale: Save $50 on the Yale Assure Lock 2 with Touch Fingerprint Access

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This content may contain affiliate links. If you would like to support us and use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Prices are effective at publishing time only and prices can change at any time. So hurry while they are still available.

The Yale – Assure Lock 2 Smart Lock Wi-Fi with Touch Fingerprint Access in Black Suede is currently available for purchase at the discounted price of $229.99. This smart lock offers a variety of locking and unlocking methods, including biometric fingerprint recognition, enhancing the convenience of entering your home. It provides peace of mind through an Auto-Lock feature, locking the door automatically once it detects closure.

The lock is compatible with the Yale Access App, which allows for remote access control, virtual key sharing, and monitoring of entry and exit activity, making it suitable for an on-the-go lifestyle. With the app, users can grant access to family, friends, or service personnel without the need for physical keys, while also keeping track of access through an Activity Feed. The product emphasizes security with its fingerprint access, two-factor authentication, and matte keypads that resist fingerprints. Installation is designed to be straightforward, fitting most standard US entry doors with just a screwdriver, and the lock is marketed as highly compatible with various door types.

Voice assistant compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri enables users to unlock the door hands-free. The Yale Access App serves as a central platform for monitoring access, receiving notifications, and maintaining control over who enters the home. This product may be suitable for individuals seeking enhanced security, convenient access, and remote monitoring capabilities for their home entry.


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