Lumary Launches High-End Smart Linear Pendant Light

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Lumary, a company that specializes in smart home lighting solutions, has introduced the Lumary Smart Linear Light to its product line. The new light fixture is designed to address a variety of home lighting requirements with features that allow for significant customization and ease of use.

The Lumary Smart Linear Light includes an adjustable brightness scale ranging from 1% to 100% and offers a spectrum of color temperatures between warm white and cool daylight (2700k-6500k), which can be adjusted without the necessity of a traditional dimmer switch. The product also features RGBAI ambient lighting, with options for RGBAI or RGB light settings and over 44 dynamic presets, allowing users to personalize their space for different events or moods.

In line with Lumary’s commitment to providing user-friendly products, the Smart Linear Light can be controlled via multiple methods. Users can operate the light using the Lumary APP, voice-activated devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or a remote control. The Lumary app also facilitates the customization of colors and the setting of timers for automatic light control.

The Smart Linear Light’s design is adaptable for various home environments, whether modern or traditional. It comes with two adjustable wires with a maximum length of 59 inches and a width rail that can be customized, making it suitable for different locations such as dining rooms, kitchens, or over pool tables.

Furthermore, the light integrates smart features such as scheduling and a music sync mode. The scheduling function allows users to program the lights to switch on and off at predetermined times, while the music sync mode enables the lights to change in rhythm and intensity in response to music, aiming to enhance the ambiance of the home.

The Lumary Smart RGBAI LED Linear Pendant Light represents an advancement in lighting technology with a focus on customer preferences and lifestyle integration. It is designed to provide not only functional illumination but also to contribute to the overall aesthetic of living spaces.

For more information about the Lumary Smart Linear Light and other Lumary products, check out Lumary’s website here.

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