Govee Announces Two New Smart Floor Lamps

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Govee has recently expanded its product line with the introduction of two new smart floor lamps: the Floor Lamp 2 and the Floor Lamp Pro. These devices are part of the company’s efforts to provide advanced lighting options for modern living spaces.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 is an upgrade from the Lyra model, offering increased brightness through additional light beads and an improved design for larger area coverage. It now supports the Matter smart home standard, allowing for straightforward integration with existing smart home systems. The lamp features the brand’s RGBICWW lighting technology, enabling a wide range of colors and white light options, adjustable brightness, and various effects for different activities such as reading or sleeping.

The flagship model, the Floor Lamp Pro, is geared towards customers seeking high-end smart lighting. It contains 324 color and white light beads, delivering 2100 lumens of brightness and a broad color temperature spectrum. The lamp’s 1.5-meter light bar can rotate 300 degrees, ideal for corner placement while maintaining consistent illumination. Additionally, the Pro model has a base that includes lighting, audio features, and a Bluetooth speaker which syncs sound to the lighting, along with 28 white noise presets for various activities.

Both models come with features that are customary for Govee products, like over 80 dynamic lighting effects, flexible scheduling, and multiple control options through the Govee app, remote control, voice commands, DreamView, and music mode. They are designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic and have a small footprint for versatile room placement.

Govee aims to continuously innovate its Floor Lamp Series to enhance user lifestyles through lighting. The company focuses on meeting the needs of tech-savvy individuals, design enthusiasts, and those looking for functional lighting solutions.

Established in 2017, Govee is a company that specializes in smart lighting, creating products that are both visually impressive and capable of enhancing the ambiance for various activities. With a commitment to making “Lights can be fun,” Govee strives to provide enjoyable and enriching smart living experiences.

For more information, check out Govee’s website here.

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