LG Announces Pro Builder Division to Push into New Home Builds

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LG Electronics, a leader in the home appliance industry, has recently established LG Pro Builder, a new division within the United States dedicated to providing sales and service to building and design professionals. This division is backed by a team with a cumulative experience of over 1,400 years in the builder appliance sector. The aim is to deliver the company’s wide range of home appliances to the U.S. homebuilder market, emphasizing product quality and reliability alongside design and technology.

The CEO of LG Electronics North America, Chris Jung, has emphasized the dual focus on service and product quality that LG Pro Builder brings to the table, ensuring a smooth process in appliance selection, delivery, and installation for homebuilders. LG Pro Builder also grants access to an array of LG products beyond appliances, which includes HVAC systems, heat pump water heaters, energy storage systems, electric vehicle chargers, and consumer electronics.

Sam Kim, president of Home Appliances at LG Electronics USA, points out that LG Pro Builder offers technology and innovations that cater to a wide range of residential projects, from custom homes to various multi-family units, addressing different styles and budgets. The division supports homebuilders with smart home and sustainability innovations.

LG Electronics showcases three distinct brand portfolios: the LG brand known for its kitchen and laundry appliances, the high-end LG STUDIO, and the luxury Signature Kitchen Suite. Each brand is tailored to deliver reliability, design, and technology at different price points. The LG brand is recognized for its innovative and stylish products, LG STUDIO is designed for a premium look and feel, and Signature Kitchen Suite stands for luxury and cutting-edge technology.

Guy Minnix, head of the LG Pro Builder division, highlights the partnership and reliable service the division offers, focusing on efficient project completion and the inclusion of top-tier products. LG Pro Builder is designed to provide convenience and support to builders, including on-demand support and a strong sales and distribution network.

LG Pro Builder not only offers home appliances but also a variety of residential products aimed at enhancing energy efficiency. This includes ENERGY STAR certified appliances and technologies that support home electrification, helping homeowners decrease their carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

For more information on LG Pro Builder and their offerings, check out LG’s website here.

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