Home Assistant Voice Chapter 6 Livestream now Live

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Interested in having your voice assistant be truly local and not tied to some cloud provider or other third party? We are too! That’s why we’ve been following along with Home Assistant’s new Voice Assistant tool so closely.

This feature is under active development in the capable hands of Michael Hansen ( previously of the Rhasspy project ). We’ve been running it locally since it was in early development stages, and have really appreciated the constant stream of improvements that are going to this new feature.

Some features that have been previously announced include the ability to have a custom wake word, the ability to have multiple satellites detecting sound, the ability to have custom sentences, and more. One of the pending updates that we’re really looking forward to is the previously announced “timers” functionality. That’s one of the last things that we use our cloud based voice assistant for, and being able to replace that with something completely local is exciting.

Check out Home Assistant’s live stream of the next stage of development for this exciting feature here:

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