Kilka Tech Announces Partnership with Seeed Studio

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Klika Tech, a provider of technology solutions and consulting services, has announced a strategic partnership with Seeed Studio, a company known for its AI and IoT hardware products. The collaboration aims to bring forth advanced integrated solutions that are expected to improve user experiences and contribute to technological advancements in various sectors including smart cities, healthcare, industrial automation, and environmental monitoring.

The partnership will combine Klika Tech’s expertise in cloud integration and IoT development with Seeed Studio’s hardware innovations. This synergy is intended to address the complexities businesses encounter in the IoT sector and provide them with custom-tailored IoT solutions that can adapt to changing customer needs.

The two companies will showcase a joint asset tracking platform demonstration at the Embedded World 2024 event. The demonstration will feature the ASTRA – Asset Tracking and Intelligence Platform, which integrates Seeed Studio’s SenseCAP T1000 tracker devices with Klika Tech’s ASTRA platform, powered by AWS. The platform is designed to address challenges related to connecting remote sensors and smart devices to the cloud. It utilizes LoRaWAN and CoAP technologies to ensure reliable connectivity, even in remote areas, aiming to optimize asset tracking efficiency.

Seeed Studio is recognized for collaborating with global technology ecosystems to provide modules, devices, solutions, and services for digital innovation. They specialize in smart sensing, networking, edge computing, and their products are used in various industries such as energy, field operations, agriculture, and scientific research.

Klika Tech, headquartered in the U.S., operates globally and focuses on creating hardware, embedded, and software solutions for a range of applications including wearables, smart home/building/city platforms, connected healthcare, and smart manufacturing, among others. The company is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with several AWS Service validations.

For more information about Seeed Studios, check out their website here.

And for more information about Kilka Tech, check out their website here.

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