iRobot Announces New CEO, Gary Cohen

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iRobot Corp., the robot vacuum company, has appointed Gary Cohen as the new chief executive officer. Cohen brings over 25 years of executive leadership and experience in company turnarounds to his new role at iRobot. Effective immediately, he will be responsible for leading the company’s strategic shift towards profitability, following a period of operational restructuring.

iRobot has not had good times recently, with an acquisition from Amazon falling through, and a round of layoffs and restructuring. Cohen is being brought on board to help the company move back towards profitability.

As CEO, Cohen will oversee all aspects of iRobot’s business operations. His responsibilities include guiding innovation, shaping product and commercial strategies, achieving operational excellence, nurturing talent, and upholding a consumer-centric brand with a sustainable competitive edge.

According to Andrew Miller, the chairman of iRobot’s board of directors, Cohen’s leadership skills and expertise in commercial growth, product innovation, brand-building, global distribution, and operational efficiencies align with the company’s requirements. Miller expressed confidence in Cohen’s ability to lead iRobot through its next phase, drawing on his track record of leading global consumer businesses to success during challenging times.

Cohen expressed his honor in joining iRobot and his anticipation of working with the team to refresh the category, create value, introduce new products, and contribute to the advancement of consumer robotics.

Previously, Cohen led a transformation at Qualitor Automotive as CEO and board director, doubling sales and profits. At Timex, as CEO, he managed an $800 million multi-brand business, increasing sales through innovative advertising and product strategies. His earlier career includes leadership roles at Energizer, Playtex, and Gillette, where he gained significant experience in sales, marketing, product development, brand building, global strategies, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, and mergers and acquisitions.

Cohen is set to join iRobot’s board of directors after the annual shareholder meeting on May 23, 2024, with Miller continuing as chair. Glen Weinstein, the former interim CEO, will assist in the transition for 60 days. Miller thanked Weinstein for his contributions during a critical period for the company.

For more information, please visit iRobot’s website here.

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