iRobot Announces New Affordable Robot Vacuum, the Combo Essential

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iRobot Corp., known for its consumer robotics, has recently announced the launch of the Roomba Combo Essential robot. This new model is a combination of a robot vacuum and mop priced at $275. It builds upon the popular Roomba 600 Series with additional features and improved performance. Notably, iRobot has also reached a significant company milestone, having sold over 50 million robots globally.

The Roomba Combo Essential distinguishes itself from its predecessor, the Roomba 600 Series, by incorporating an 18 times stronger suction power and the ability to mop as well as vacuum. This model is designed to clean in orderly rows and offers customizable suction and liquid settings. It can also provide Clean Map reports, boasts a longer battery life, and integrates intelligent iRobot OS automations such as Clean While I’m Away and suggested cleaning schedules.

Barry Schliesmann, the chief product officer at iRobot, emphasizes that the Roomba Combo Essential is designed to be an affordable option that enhances the cleaning process and is accessible to a wide range of customers, including recent graduates and new homeowners.

The Roomba Combo Essential operates using the iRobot OS and includes a 4-Stage Cleaning System. It features adjustable suction and liquid settings, a V-Shaped Multi-Surface Brush, an Edge-Sweeping Brush, and a microfiber mop pad. The device offers 120 minutes of battery life and can navigate around and under furniture. Users can interact with the robot through the iRobot Home app, voice commands, or by pressing the CLEAN button on the device itself.

Additionally, iRobot has introduced the Roomba Vac Essential specifically for North American customers, which offers vacuum-only capabilities with similar smart features.

The Roomba Combo Essential robot is currently available for purchase in the U.S. on iRobot’s website and will be available at select retailers starting April 7. To learn more about it, visit iRobot’s website here.

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