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Masimo recently announced the release of their Stork baby monitoring system. As any new parent knows, bring home a baby is a challenging, fear filled ordeal. Masimo wants to alleviate some of those fears with it’s new Stork baby monitoring system.

This system is designed to help monitor your baby – and not just through a camera ( although you can purchase a camera as part of the system ). The Stork baby monitoring system brings vitals monitoring to your phone. This allows you to quickly view your baby’s pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature from your phone.

Stork has a high-resolution camera that has excellent low light vision ( great for checking in on baby at night ). It also includes two-way audio through the camera and room temperature and humidity monitoring. All of this with a high 2k definition on the video feed.

Stork’s system also has a boot for your baby made of an ultra soft, medical grade silicone for conforming to your baby’s foot. This boot monitors pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature.

The Stork app has various alerts and notifications that you can receive about the room condition, senor status, and more.

Finally, some peace of mind for new parents.

For more information, check out the Masimo Stork site.

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