Home Assistant Announces Support for Apple CarPlay

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Home Assistant, the popular home automation platform, has introduced its latest update which is now compatible with Apple CarPlay. This update, version 2024.1, is currently being distributed to iOS devices and incorporates new features designed to enhance user interaction with their smart home devices while on the go.

With CarPlay support, Home Assistant users can now easily manage their devices and areas, as well as create custom actions directly from their vehicle’s dashboard. These custom actions enable users to set up complex sequences such as unlocking the door and turning on lights simultaneously.

The application is structured into four tabs, adhering to Apple’s design guidelines to ensure users experience the same familiarity they have with other CarPlay applications. There is no need for separate configuration for CarPlay use; the app will automatically synchronize with the Home Assistant servers already set up in the user’s app.

Actions are a key feature of the Home Assistant iOS app, allowing users to initiate automated tasks within the Home Assistant ecosystem. Example actions include opening the garage while activating the home heating system or turning on outdoor lights and unlocking the front door. These actions, previously accessible through the Home Assistant for Apple Watch app and widgets, can now be triggered with ease from the CarPlay interface.

For those who have not yet configured actions, the CarPlay app provides notifications to the user’s phone with guidance to get started. The update also includes the addition of the Bulgarian language and improvements to iOS Actions to simplify their use. For macOS users, the app now remembers and restores the window size upon reopening.

The updated app requires iOS 15 or higher, with CarPlay support specifically available for devices running iOS 16 or newer. For further details on this release and to learn more about the new features, check out Home Assistant’s release post here.

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