GoveeLife Announces new Smart Space Heaters

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Govee, a leading player in the smart home industry, has recently expanded its product line with the introduction of smart space heaters under their new brand, GoveeLife. With a focus on providing innovative smart home solutions, GoveeLife aims to bring the convenience and automation of smart technology to everyday consumers.

As we approach the winter months, GoveeLife is thrilled to unveil their smart heater line, which includes the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro, Smart Space Heater Max, and Smart Space Heater Lite. These heaters are designed to address the common issues faced with traditional heating solutions, such as high energy bills and unreliable performance.

The GoveeLife smart heaters offer a range of features to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience. One of the standout features is the smart control and compatibility, allowing users to control their heaters through the Govee app or via voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant. This means you can adjust the temperature and settings without even lifting a finger.

Another impressive feature is the AutoReflect Integration, which utilizes proprietary sensor technology. This allows the smart heaters to work in sync to maintain your preferred temperature automatically. When paired with the GoveeLife thermo-hygrometer, you can achieve even greater accuracy and stability in temperature control.

The GoveeLife smart heaters also offer an automated experience, seamlessly integrating with other smart home devices like door sensors. This means your appliances can activate and operate automatically, creating a more intuitive and convenient home environment.

When it comes to heating performance, the GoveeLife heaters excel with their HeatBooster Solution. By adopting the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating solution and an updated structure design, these heaters warm up rapidly, reaching 77°F in just 2 seconds. With a 99.9% thermal energy conversion rate, they deliver efficient and immediate warmth for ultimate comfort. The cross-flow wind wheel ensures a steady and comfortable airflow.

Safety is a top priority for GoveeLife, and their smart heaters are equipped with UltraSteady Safety Protection. This includes features like stability optimization in case of tip-overs, overcurrent protection, and high-temperature protection. The upgraded structure and algorithm enhance the stability of the product, allowing it to remain steady even when tilted at 10 degrees. With these safety measures in place, you can enjoy the warmth worry-free.

GoveeLife offers a range of smart heaters to cater to different needs. The Smart Space Heater Lite is compact and quiet, making it perfect for desktops or bedrooms. The Smart Space Heater Pro features a three-axis gyro sensor, allowing it to be used in both standing and laying down positions. It also offers RGBIC lighting effects and is compatible with Govee DreamView. Lastly, the Smart Space Heater Max adds a charming flame light effect, providing all the coziness of a real fireplace.

For more information, check out Govee’s website here.

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