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The Google Home team announced yesterday that they are rolling out new features to their Google Home app. If you’re a fan of Google Home, you’ll definitely want to check out some of these amazing new features that let you truly automate your home.

New Starters and Actions

Google is expanding their offering of Starters and Actions under Automations. Automations are a routine of tasks that run, where Starters are the things that trigger the automation to start, and Actions are the things an automation does. This is a very fun, and powerful change for users as it lets them automate more of their home.

There are quite a few new Starters and Actions to take advantage of, letting you automate even more of your Google Home environment. Here’s the full chart:

New StartersNew Actions
Device is open or closedOpen / close (single direction)
Device is plugged in or chargingPause / unpause
Temperature sensor changesTimer start / pause / resume / cancel
Volume is muted or unmutedVolume mute / unmute
Device is docked / undockedDock device (such as a robot vacuum)
Active light effectLight effects (pulse / sleep / wake / color loop)
Lock is jammedReboot device
Humidity sensor changesSet humidity percentage
Occupancy Sensing Run software update

So you could add a notification if you’ve left your garage door open, change the lightbulb colors to more red as night approaches, or turn on lights when someone enters a room. These new Starters and Actions add a bunch of possibilities to Google Home.

For more information on Google Home’s new Starters and Actions or to see device compatibility check out the release notes here.

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