Dreo Announces New Wall-Mounted Smart Space Heater

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Dreo recently introduced their WH719S Wall-Mounted Smart Space Heater. This state-of-the-art innovation combines cutting-edge Hyperamics™ heating technology with Shield360° safety features, delivering exceptional efficiency, quiet operation, and comprehensive protection.

Designed with user feedback and market demand in mind, the WH719S is Dreo’s first smart space heater, setting new standards in efficiency, intelligence, and safety. With a strong focus on smart home technology, Dreo is dedicated to providing an all-around smarter living experience through advanced household appliances.

The WH719S features high-conductivity PTC ceramics and custom-designed thermal fins, enabling it to reach full heat in just two seconds. This rapid heating capability ensures quick and effective warmth throughout the room. Additionally, the adjustable airflow options with up and down shaking head capabilities at 60°, 90°, and 120° angles further enhance the heater’s performance, providing consistent and even heating.

Safety is a top priority for Dreo, and the WH719S reflects this commitment with its Shield360° all-around protection technology. This advanced safety system includes features such as an enhanced tip-over sensor, precise overheat chipset, flame retardant materials, external NTC for temperature monitoring, and a guide leaf sensor. The heater has also received ETL safety certification, ensuring compliance with rigorous safety standards.

In addition to its customizable operations, the WH719S offers compatibility with Google Alexa voice control and remote operation. Moreover, it can be seamlessly integrated into the Dreo App, providing access to smart modules like temperature drop reminders and an anti-freezing function. The anti-freeze function automatically activates the heater when the ambient temperature drops below 45°F, and the Dreo App keeps users informed by sending notifications straight to their smartphones in case of a sudden temperature drop.

To learn more about Dreo or the WH719S Wall-Mounted Smart Space Heater, visit their website here.

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