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Idlespace Technology has announced the release of three new home security products under the Philips brand in North America. These products include the Philips Home Access 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Lock, the 3000 Series Wi-Fi Retrofit Lock with Wireless Keypad, and the 7000 Series Video Doorbell.

The 5000 Series Palm Recognition Smart Door Lock features palm vein recognition technology for secure access. It also includes “Grab Go Technology,” which automatically unlocks the door when someone approaches the indoor knob or lever. This smart deadbolt integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Philips Home Access app, allowing for voice command control and remote monitoring. It also has built-in Wi-Fi for easy setup.

The 3000 Series Wi-Fi Retrofit Lock with Wireless Keypad offers multiple access options, including fingerprint and PIN code entry, eliminating the need for keys or smartphones. It is compatible with most standard deadbolts and can be controlled remotely via the Philips Home Access app. It includes features such as auto-unlock, door position and vibration sensing, and real-time entry notifications. The Wireless Keypad can store up to 50 fingerprints and 100 PIN codes.

The 7000 Series Video Doorbell provides 2K HD clarity with HDR, dual camera technology, and customizable motion detection. It features a low-angle camera and ultra-wide viewing angle to eliminate blind spots. The doorbell also includes high-precision sensors and AI human detection for accurate tracking and instant notifications. Users can receive package arrival alerts and communicate remotely with delivery drivers through the Philips Home Access app.

The Palm Vein Recognition 5000 Series and the Retrofit Lock 3000 Series are available for purchase on Amazon. The 7000 Series Video Doorbell will be available starting July 2nd. For more information, check out Philips website here.

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