Chance for Free Smart Home Devices: Aqara Looking for Device Testers

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Aqara is currently looking for folks to volunteer as device testers, to expand their global tester community. They are looking to improve their device deployment process by increasing the amount of testing that devices get.

Now, we’re not affiliated with Aqara. We just love their tech and have tons of their devices. We wanted to be sure to share this opportunity with other folks who love Aqara tech ( or who want a chance for free smart home devices ).

They are inviting folks to fill out a questionnaire, which provides an opportunity to become a product tester. Those who are selected will receive the products they are to test free of charge. And who doesn’t like free smart home products?

Right now, Aqara is giving priority to users from Japan, Korea, Turkey, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. So if you live in these areas, or if you can refer someone from these regions, you may have an increased likelihood of being chosen as a tester.

People who are not immediately selected for product testing will still have the opportunity to engage with the company through surveys, so you’ll still be able to help. You can also increase your chances of being selected in the future by answering bonus questions provided by the company.

For additional details, you can check out Aqara’s reddit post here.

Or fill out the form here.

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