Aqara Announces New Smart Roller Shade Controller T1S

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Aqara has introduced the Roller Shade Controller T1S, a tubular motor that supports Matter compatibility over a bridge, enhancing interoperability across various smart home platforms and devices. The motor is designed to blend into any interior and provides benefits such as convenience, energy efficiency, and privacy by automating window shades. This feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments. It can be controlled through remote control, preset schedules, mobile apps, voice assistants, or complete home automation, making it possible to adjust multiple shades simultaneously, including those in hard-to-reach windows.

The device offers various automations and controls that respond to users’ needs, allowing for ambiance creation, lighting adjustment throughout the day, temperature regulation in conjunction with other smart devices, and enhanced privacy. It is compatible with various window coverings like roller shades, zebra roller blinds, Shangri-la blinds, and honeycomb blinds. The Roller Shade Controller T1S uses Zigbee technology and can integrate with Matter-compatible platforms via an Aqara Matter bridge.

The T1S connects with Aqara Home and third-party platforms including Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Home Assistant, Homey, and SmartThings, providing homeowners with the flexibility to create personalized smart home scenes and automations. It features advanced DC motor technology, operating at a speed of 25 rpm while maintaining a low noise level under 27 dB. The Aqara Home app also allows for quieter operation by enabling the motor to open or close slowly over a preset period.

For more information about the Roller Shade Controller T1S, please visit Aqara’s website here.

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