Your Internet Provider Might Manage Your Smart Home Soon

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OliverIQ has introduced a Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) platform, which aims to streamline the fragmented smart home market into a managed service. This platform is designed for broadband, telecom, and internet service providers to offer a unified smart home experience to their customers. OliverIQ provides flexible pricing models, including per-activation and per-router pricing, which encompass device integration, unified control, automation, and unlimited remote technical support for various smart home devices and brands such as Amazon, Google, Ring, Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, Sonos, Roku, Yale, Lutron, and Leviton. Remote security monitoring is optional.

The traditional approach of telecom services to home automation has been limited by the use of turnkey smart home kits with a restricted set of supported devices. OliverIQ’s solution is manufacturer-agnostic, allowing service providers to support a wide range of devices that consumers prefer. This approach aligns with consumer behavior, where there is a demand for diverse smart devices from different brands.

According to Will West, CEO and Co-Founder of OliverIQ, the platform addresses the need for in-depth support and integration for a variety of smart home devices. The SHaaS solution by OliverIQ offers home automation, security monitoring, and comprehensive service and support under the service provider’s brand. The software automates device discovery and integration, enabling users to set up automations easily. The platform is designed for white-label integration and can be incorporated into an existing app or function as a standalone solution, providing service providers with control over branding and presentation.

Eric Smith, CTO and Co-Founder of OliverIQ, notes that the SHaaS platform represents a significant change for telco service providers, as it consolidates smart home control into a single app, potentially enhancing customer loyalty. OliverIQ aims to establish lasting customer relationships by offering reliable technical service and support, ensuring that smart home functionality remains consistent.

For more information about OliverIQ, check out their website here.

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