Yale and Geokey to Partner to Bring Smart Locks to Multifamily Properties

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Geokey has recently entered into a partnership with Yale, a company recognized for its smart home security solutions. This collaboration aims to provide multifamily property owners and operators with enhanced access control that is both flexible and scalable. Brandon Peterson, CEO of Geokey, indicates that this partnership allows their clients to utilize preferred locking mechanisms from the multifamily industry to augment the security of their Geokey properties. The integration focuses particularly on Geokey’s software merging with Yale’s Assure Lock 2, a smart lock solution with key-free features that can be controlled via the Geokey application, eliminating the need for managed Wi-Fi or readers. Yale’s nexTouch series and Mortise locks are also included in the integration.

Garrett Lovejoy, Vice President of Connected Category Management at Fortune Brands Innovations, including Yale, highlights the benefits of this integration for both property owners and residents by providing them with uncomplicated key-free access control. Geokey’s platform is hardware-agnostic, which allows for control of access points across properties, whether they are new constructions or retrofits, in multifamily and student housing sectors.

Yale, with a history spanning over 180 years, remains a leader in smart home security, providing an array of smart lock and security products. Geokey, on the other hand, is a mobile access control platform that enables multifamily and student housing owners and operators to secure access points using a cloud-based solution that supports multiple hardware manufacturers.

For more information regarding this integration between Geokey and Yale, and to learn more about their services, visit Geokey’s website here.

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