Warning: Skipping This Simple Smart Home Step Could Ruin Everything!

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We’ve talked about backing up your smart home configuration before folks. We’ll say it again for those of you in the back – be sure to back up your smart home configuration. Even if you’re “just” using Alexa or Google Home, screenshots of your settings can save you hours of work restoring things.

If you don’t believe me, take it from u/I_Do_nt_Use_Reddit. They posted that they had failed to back up their smart home settings, which nearly resulted in the loss of their configuration. They knew they should have a backup, and planned to set it up when they had “a spare moment”, but never did.

They then attempted to make a change, which led to a broken configuration. Initially believing that all the settings were lost, they were thankfully able to get the system into recovery mode to fix things up.

u/I_Do_nt_Use_Reddit quickly learned a lessom from this and setup regular backups of their smart home configuration.

If you’re thinking you’ll do it when you get a moment, you won’t and you’ll regret it. Do it now.

– u/I_Do_nt_Use_Reddit

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