Upgrade your Party: Must Have Smart Tech for Epic Parties

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Throwing a party and want to up your game? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of some seriously cool smart tech that’ll make hosting easier and way more fun. From speakers that blast your favorite songs with just a voice command, to lights that change color to match your mood, and even a dishwasher that you can start from your phone (because who wants to deal with dirty dishes after a party?), we’ve got you covered. Plus, there’s stuff like smart grills for perfect burgers every time and drink mixers for the perfect drink. It’s all about making your place the spot where everyone wants to hang out. So, let’s dive into this list and start turning your home into the ultimate party pad.

Smart Speakers

Bose - Smart Soundbar 900 With Dolby Atmos and Voice Assistant on a TV console and below a TV
Smart Speakers like this Bose are great for setting the party mood.

Throwing a great party means setting the perfect mood. With smart speakers like this Bose soundbar 900 and audio systems, you’ve got control over the music in every corner of your home. Picture this: music flowing seamlessly from room to room, controlling the mood whether your guests are mingling in the kitchen or chilling in the living room. With a simple voice command or a tap on your phone, you can sync up your whole house. Want to mellow out the patio while keeping the music floor inside pumping? Easy. Need to lower the volume for a quick toast? Done in a snap. These smart systems take the hassle out of playing DJ, so you can focus on being the host. Plus, when the party’s winding down, a calming playlist can help with the goodbyes. Smart speakers and audio systems aren’t just gadgets; they’re your partners in party perfection.

Smart Lighting

Govee 4 pack of Smart LED bulbs showing off their RGBWW colors. Packaging in background.
Smart lights like these Govee bulbs let you pick the color to suit your party’s mood.

Smart lighting like these Govee LED bulbs are another key part of your party’s mood. Forget about fumbling for light switches or settling for one setting the whole night. With smart lighting, you can instantly change the feeling of your party with just a few taps on your smartphone or a casual voice command. Want to start the evening with soft, warm tones that invite your guests to relax and chat? You got it. Ready to switch gears to a vibrant, energetic glow? No problem. You can even set up cool light shows that sync with your music, turning your living room into the hottest spot in town. And it’s not just about fun; smart lighting can help guests navigate your space safely, lighting up paths to the bathroom or the backyard. It’s all about giving you the power to customize your party’s look and feel on the fly, making your events legendary.

Smart TV’s / Projectors

Friends watching football game on tv.
Friends at a party watching football game on tv.

When you’ve got a smart TV like this 83″ Samsung S90C Smart TV in your party arsenal, you’re not just hosting a gathering; you’re offering a full-blown entertainment experience. Picture this: for one party, you’re streaming the big game, larger than life, making every guest feel like they’ve got front-row seats. For the next, you’re diving into a karaoke battle, with lyrics displayed clear and wide for everyone to join in. And for those chill-out times? A stunning visual playlist or an ambient fireplace video can turn your living room into a cozy retreat. The best part? You control all this from your phone or voice assistant. No need to juggle remotes or navigate clunky menus. Whether it’s movie night, game day, or just a casual hangout, a smart TV or projector turns any occasion into an event to remember. Plus, it’s a surefire way to keep everyone entertained, no matter their age or interests.

Voice Assistants

Google Nest Hub 7
Google Nest Hub 7″

Having a voice assistant at your party like this Google Nest Hub is like having a personal DJ, personal assistant, and event coordinator all rolled into one. Need to change the music? Just ask. Want to get the door unlocked and the lights prepped? Your voice assistant can handle it. Need to announce something or make sure stuff isn’t forgotten in the oven? Consider it done. Voice assistants let you take multitasking to a whole new level, allowing you to manage your party’s entertainment and ambiance without skipping a beat in your hosting duties. They help keep everything running smoothly, from playing the perfect party playlist to dimming the lights for a cozy movie night. So, whether you’re a seasoned host or throwing your first big bash, having a voice assistant by your side is the perfect way to make sure that every aspect of the party is easily managed.

Smart Plugs

TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug ( 3 Pack )
Control your lights and other dumb party appliances with smart plugs like these.

Smart plugs like these T-Link Tapo plugs might just be the unsung heroes of the smart party. With these nifty gadgets, any ordinary appliance can join the smart home club. Need your slow cooker to turn on or off at a certain time? Smart plug to the rescue. Want all your dumb lights to turn on without having to run around the house? Smart plugs are perfect for this. These versatile little devices let you control almost anything with a power cord right from your phone or through voice commands to your assistant. They turn your “dumb” gadgets into smart, party-ready performers. Plus, you can schedule things in advance, like turning on fairy lights as the evening settles in, creating a seamless transition from socializing to dinner without fiddling with switches. Smart plugs are all about making your life easier and your party cooler with minimal effort. So, when you’re planning your next bash, remember: a smart plug might just be the simplest way to make things a bit easier.

Smart Thermostats

Google Nest Smart Thermostat - snow
Google Nest Smart Thermostat – snow

A smart thermostat like the Google Nest controls your home’s climate for the perfect party atmosphere. No more worrying about guests shivering or sweating through your event. With a smart thermostat, you can pick the ideal temperature right from your phone, ensuring everyone stays comfy without you ever having to leave the fun. Planning an icebreaker game that’s sure to heat things up? Lower the temp a bit in anticipation. Everyone heading inside because it’s a bit chilly? Warm things up a touch with ease. Smart thermostats adapt to your needs in real-time, even learning from your preferences to help you save on energy bills without lifting a finger. They make sure your guests remember the great time they had, not how they had to layer up or fan themselves all night.

Smart Locks and Doorbells

eufy S330 Video Doorbell with chime
Smart Video Doorbells are great for telling who’s at the door.

Smart locks and smart doorbells like this eufy S330 video doorbell are your party’s high-tech butlers. They let you open the door from your phone or voice assistant, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing every time someone shows up. You can even give your guests a special code to let themselves in. With a smart doorbell, you can see who’s at the door without having to go check, making it super easy to manage your guest list from anywhere in the house. It’s all about keeping things safe and managing your time, so you can focus on having a good time instead of playing doorman. Plus, when the party’s done, switch back to your usual settings to keep your place secure.

Outdoor Smart Lights

Govee Outdoor Smart Lights
Permanent outdoor lights like these by Govee let you easily set the mood for your party.

Outdoor smart lights like these Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights are the game-changer for any backyard party. They make sure your outdoor space looks just right without any hassle. With these lights, you can easily switch them on with a tap on your phone or a request to your voice assistant. They’re tough enough to handle any weather, so they can stay out all year round. You can even set them up to turn on automatically when the sun goes down, so your party transitions smoothly from day to night. It’s all about creating the perfect atmosphere with zero stress, letting you and your guests enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the occasion.

Smart Cocktail and Coffee Makers

Bartesian - Premium Cocktail Machine
Smart drink mixers like this Bartesian are great for parties and hosting.

Smart coffee makers and cocktail makers like this Bartesian are the ultimate party assistants, ensuring your guests have their favorite drinks without you playing bartender all night. These clever devices can whip up everything from a perfectly crafted espresso to a sophisticated cocktail (or mocktail for those preferring non-alcoholic options) at the touch of a button. Imagine offering your guests custom cocktails or mocktails, tailored to their tastes, without missing out on the party yourself. Plus, the smart coffee maker is a morning-after hero, ready to serve up life-saving cups of coffee to help you recover from the night’s festivities. With their easy-to-use interfaces and app controls, you can queue up drinks from anywhere in the party. It’s about bringing a touch of sophistication and convenience to your hosting, allowing you to enjoy the fun while ensuring your guests are well-served and impressed.

Smart Grills and Smokers

Weber - Genesis EX-335 Propane Gas Grill
Smart grills are great for parties – they let you cook and socialize without the risk of burning the food.

Smart smokers and grills like this Weber Genesis grill are your secret weapon for serving up that perfect party feast. Whether you’re a grill master or a newbie, these gadgets make cooking outdoors a breeze. You can monitor your meats from your phone, getting alerts when it’s time to flip or when everything’s cooked to perfection. No more guesswork or constant checking under the hood—just more time mingling with your guests. And it’s not just about meat; these smart devices can handle veggies and even pizzas, making sure there’s something for everyone. Plus, for those who love the taste of smoked dishes but hate the hassle, smart smokers take care of the temperature and smoke level automatically, delivering mouth-watering flavors with minimal effort. With smart grills and smokers, you’re not just making food; you’re crafting an experience, ensuring your party is remembered for its epic eats as much as its good times.

Smart Ovens

Samsung Smart range with Flex Duo and Air Fry
Smart ranges and ovens like this Samsung make it easy to socialize with guests while not burning dinner.

Smart ovens like this Samsung Induction Range are the perfect assistant in your kitchen, especially when it comes to food prep and serving. These advanced appliances can bake, roast, and broil with precision, all controlled through your smartphone or voice commands. Want to serve warm appetizers or a perfectly timed dinner without being stuck in the kitchen? A smart oven has your back. You can adjust temperatures, set timers, and even start the oven from anywhere in your house—meaning you’re free to host, mingle, and enjoy your own party. And for those who are a bit unsure about their cooking skills, many smart ovens come with built-in recipes and cooking guides. They can automatically adjust their settings to ensure whatever you’re making comes out just right, from crispy pizzas to succulent roasts. Plus, with the ability to make quick adjustments, you can easily avoid overcooked dishes meaning no more burnt biscuits.

Smart Vacuum / Mop

Roomba j9+ mop and vac with it's emptying station
Make party cleanup a snap with a robot vacuum and mop like this Roomba j9+

Smart vacuums and mops like the Roomba j9+ are your floor’s best friends, both before and after the party. Send them out before the party starts to pick up dust and messes, ensuring your place looks spotless without you having to push a traditional vacuum or mop around. This frees you to focus on the fun prep work, like decorating or setting up the playlist. Then, after the last guest waves goodbye, these smart cleaners are back at it. Whether it’s crumbs from the snack table or worse, they handle the cleanup, so you don’t have to. With their smart mapping technology robot vacuums know your home’s layout, making sure no corner is left untouched. It’s like having an automatic cleaning service on call post-party. Not only do they help keep your party space welcoming and clean, but they also take one big chore off your list, letting you enjoy your own party and recover easier the day after.

Smart Dishwasher

Samsung Smart Dishwasher with StormWash+
Stop dreading the after party dishes with a smart dishwasher like this Samsung.

Smart dishwashers like the Samsung Smart Dishwasher with StormWash+ are a post-party lifesaver. After hosting, it seems you’re always stuck staring down a mountain of dishes. With a smart dishwasher, you can load it up, then kick back and relax and wait for it to alert you when it’s done. You control when it starts, how it runs, and even monitor its progress from your phone. Some models can even order detergent when you’re running low. It helps make post party cleanup a bit easier, ready to tackle the mess while you give your feet a well-deserved break. So, while smart tech spices up the party, it’s also there to help with the not-so-fun part afterward, making your hosting duties a breeze from start to finish.

Smart home tech isn’t just about adding convenience to our lives; it’s about transforming the way we live in our homes. For parties, this means that each device, from smart speakers and lighting to smart ovens and cocktail makers, plays a part in crafting the perfect setting. So, whether you’re planning a cozy dinner, a lively party, or a relaxed hangout, integrating these smart gadgets can elevate your hosting game to new heights, leaving both you and your guests with nothing but great times to remember. It’s clear that in the world of hosting, smart technology is no longer just a luxury—it’s a game-changer.

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