U-tec to Unveil New Smart Home Ecosystem at CES

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U-tec, a company specializing in smart home solutions, has recently announced the launch of U home, a new smart home security and automation ecosystem. This platform includes a variety of products such as the ULTRALOQ smart lock system, Bright smart lighting system, Ulticam AI security camera, and Smart Plug & Switch, allowing users to customize their smart home experience.

The U home ecosystem is designed to provide homeowners with an efficient tool for enhancing their home’s security and automation. It offers compatibility across a wide range of products and supports integration with other ecosystems. The accompanying U home mobile app serves as a central command center, enabling users to control and monitor devices with a single tap. The app is compatible with ULTRALOQ smart locks and integrates with Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings for voice control.

U home’s smart devices will also support Matter, a new standard for smart home interoperability. Clark Ruan, Vice President of U-tec, emphasized the shift from individual smart devices to integrated smart systems, highlighting the role of AI and machine learning in achieving seamless interconnectivity.

The U home platform boasts several advantages, such as enhanced security features that utilize biometric recognition, cloud security, and bank-level encryption. It also offers automated scenarios powered by Edge AI technology for convenience and efficiency. The product range covers multiple categories, including lighting, security, and energy management, all developed by U-tec to ensure consistency in design and operation.

U home aims to provide users with a streamlined smart home experience, merging the aspects of convenience, automation, and security into one package. Users can control lighting, deactivate surveillance upon arrival, and command other smart devices through the system or connected smart speakers.

U-tec, founded in 2015, is dedicated to providing homeowners with innovative and user-friendly smart home solutions. The company focuses on products that improve security and simplify daily life, backed by accessible and reliable technology.

For more information, visit U-Tec’s website here.

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