TLC Announces New Huge 98″ TV Models

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TCL, a leading consumer electronics company and one of the world’s best-selling TV brands, has launched an updated range of televisions for 2024. The company’s expanded lineup includes advancements in both its Smart S Class and QLED Q Class series, offering a variety of sizes from 32 inches to a new 115-inch model, which is the largest Mini LED TV in their collection.

The new TCL televisions come with a range of technological enhancements. These include superior picture and gaming features, a FullView 360 thin metal bezel-less design, custom install and hospitality mode capabilities, and advanced audio features such as enhanced dialog mode and TV as center channel mode. Three new 98-inch QLED TVs at the Q6, QM7, and QM8 levels have been introduced, featuring QD-Mini LED technology and a built-in multi-channel sound system.

TCL has incorporated AiPQ Processing across all 4K UHD models for 2024, with three levels of advanced processing: TCL AiPQ Processor, TCL AiPQ PRO Processor, and TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor, enhancing color, contrast, clarity, and motion.

The Q Class Smart TV models are equipped with Quantum Dot technology, UltraWide Color Gamut, and High Brightness+ LED Backlight for more vivid images. The Q68 model features Full Array Local Dimming and High Brightness PRO LED Backlight for better contrast and brightness. The QM7 series introduces QD-Mini LED technology with up to 1,500+ dimming zones, Ultra-Wide-Angle lens system, and ODR LED Technology to reduce image blooming. The QM8 builds on QM7 features with up to 5,000+ dimming zones and an Anti-Glare Screen.

The flagship QM89 model, a 115-inch QD-Mini LED TV, boasts an incredible 20,000 dimming zones and is powered by the TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor. It also includes a new Onkyo 6.2.2 channel speaker system and a range of gaming features.

For more information, check out TCL’s website here.

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