Take my Money: Vobot Announces Mini Dock on Kickstarter

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MOCREO PTE. LTD. has announced the release of the Vobot Mini Dock on Kickstarter, a new docking station with a screen designed to enhance workspace functionality and productivity. The device includes a 2-inch LCD smart screen with 10 pre-installed applications intended for both work efficiency and entertainment. Among these applications are Todoist, Pomodoro Timer, PC Hardware Monitoring, Weather Station, Game Emulator, and Stock and Cryptocurrency tracking.

The Vobot Mini Dock also acts as a 7-in-1 docking station, providing various ports to connect multiple devices. It includes four USB C ports (one for 100W input, one for 90W output, and two for 5V/1.5A output), an HDMI port capable of supporting 4K@60Hz, a 1000 Mbps Ethernet port, and one USB A 3.0 port.

Additionally, there is an option for users to create and customize their own applications through a dedicated app and display them on the Vobot App Gallery. This feature is aimed at fostering a community that merges creativity with technological innovation.

The design of the Mini Dock is minimalist, featuring a half-transparent back case and an LED stripe, intended to complement modern workspace aesthetics.

Luo Jia, CEO of Vobot, expressed that the Mini Dock is more than a simple docking station, but a tool to facilitate a more efficient and balanced work-life experience.

The Vobot Mini Dock will be available for purchase on Kickstarter from May 1, 2024. For additional details on the Mini Dock, interested parties can visit the Vobot’s website here.

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