Stereo Planet Announces Sera for Custom Home Automation

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Stereo Planet, a home technology solutions provider in Central Oregon since 1980, has introduced Sera, a division dedicated to home automation. Sera offers services that integrate audio, visual, lighting, HVAC, network, and surveillance systems into a single solution. According to Stephen Berhar, CEO of Stereo Planet, this new division aims to provide a unified and integrated smart home experience.

Sera focuses on creating personalized home automation solutions that blend technology with individual client needs. The division aims to harmonize various home systems, enhancing comfort, convenience, and security. Jon Houston, General Manager of Sera, highlights the division’s goal of eliminating the need for multiple vendors by offering a holistic approach to home automation.

Sera’s services include expert consultation and design, smart home technology integration, network and security solutions, surveillance and monitoring, and ongoing support and service. These offerings are designed to ensure that all components of home automation work together seamlessly.

Stereo Planet has been providing home technology solutions since 1980, and the launch of Sera represents an expansion of their services to include comprehensive home automation.

For more information, visit the Sera website here.

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