Silicone Labs Powering Matter over Thread Smart Locks

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Silicon Labs, a company specializing in secure, intelligent wireless technology, has announced that its solutions are being utilized in the creation of the world’s first native Matter-over-Thread smart locks. The Austrian manufacturer Nuki and the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer U-tec have selected Silicon Labs’ technology for their smart lock products. Nuki has incorporated Silicon Labs’ technology into its fourth-generation Nuki Smart Lock, making it the first smart lock to support Matter-over-Thread natively, suitable for European-style door knobs. U-tec’s Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter, which features biometric technology, is also powered by Silicon Labs solutions and holds the distinction of being the first biometric smart deadbolt lock to support Matter-over-Thread.

Jacob Alamat, Senior Vice President for the Home and Life Business Unit at Silicon Labs, emphasized the company’s contributions to the Matter standard and its expertise in the field. He stated that companies at the forefront of IoT industry trends are turning to Silicon Labs for their Matter capabilities.

Nuki’s Smart Lock eliminates the need for additional bridges or modules to operate in various ecosystems. The lock integrates Silicon Labs’ energy-efficient, secure, and reliable products, including the Matter-certified MG24 SoC, EFP01 power management IC, BG22 Bluetooth SoC, and WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver. These components enable the Nuki Smart Lock to operate using Matter, OpenThread, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi protocols. Nuki plans to expand its offering to the US market later in the year.

U-tec’s Ultraloq Bolt Fingerprint Matter smart lock offers a six-in-one unlocking experience with enhanced security features. The product is built around Silicon Labs’ MG24 SoC, which provides high-performance 2.4 GHz RF, low power consumption, AI/ML hardware accelerator, and Secure Vault, safeguarding against cyber threats.

Silicon Labs maintains a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software dedicated to Matter and provides expert support, including direct collaboration with their engineers. The company has also established the Silicon Labs Interoperability Lab in Boston, MA, where engineers can test products in a simulated home environment in preparation for Matter certification.

For additional information on Silicon Labs and their Matter offerings, check out their website here.

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